Country Funk 1968 - 1970

"Possessed people, reaching a once distant goal, almost close enough now to touch.  Squirt gun fights in the dark, shrieks from the kitchen, Brookey-Poo down the hall.  Nights in hotels, endless bars, a year and a half getting tight; now the precious moments on stage when all is right and their music is real and we all become sound and electricity for a too soon ended instant.  The road home is dark and lonely.  Few make it"

Robert Rouse 1970

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Country Funk Debut Album Cover Image "Through the mists of funky time, the vagaries of chance, the theft of samples, the release of bootlegs and a believer in long lost bands in far flung lands across the nasty North Sea, the sounds of Country Funk are reborn!"

Robert Rouse 2010

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Recorded at the Record Plant ... Hollywood, California, before the sauna was installed ...
Engineer:  Gary Kellgren, A friend and a part ...
Photography:  Art Stein
Cover Design:  Margaret Stein
Produced by Adam and Hal and the rest of the guys for Amphion Productions, Inc.
Executive Producer:  Ray Paret

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Ray Paret Country Funk Manager I heard about a band called Country Funk that was playing in the Boston/New England area, and I was managing musical groups at the time in Boston, so I went to see them play and wanted to sign them immediately.  They were the answer to California's Buffalo Springfield.  Eventually I became their manager.  Listen to the music and you'll see what I mean and hear what I heard.
Manager Ray Paret

Country Funk Music Samples

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Country Funk playing The Filmore East.

Country Funk at The Filmore Image

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